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Black Athleisure Leggings - Goals!

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India's first size chart: ~30% more accurate than any other brand

Size Chart

Think enough to fit under an umbrella? Now that's what I call goals. Like seriously, we need bigger umbrellas. But since that is not happening, how about some legging motivation.

... Are you also lacking the motivation to get up and get out of bed for that goal achieving workout? We are very excited to tell you that our athleisure quirky leggings are here and they are just perfect. And yes, you heard just right! Quirky is the new trend and we are just ready for you to dive into it. Designs never seen before! These will be your motivation to get out look cute and work out. Set a goal for yourself, never let anyone else tell you what you should look like, or what is your ideal shape. You work for yourself and yourself alone, you are not doing it for anyone else. Work and #BeMoreOfYou. Read more


Type: Leggings
Colour: Black
Material: Nylon spandex
Fit: Comfort fit
Style: High-waisted, ankle-length with back pockets.
Body Type: Suits all body types
Care: Home wash in normal water
Origin: Made in India

Shipping and Return

We ship globally so that you don't have to worry about the pincode! We offer Free Shipping on all orders.

If you are unsatisfied, we accept returns of undamaged and unused products within 10 days of delivery with money back guarantee, no questions asked!

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What’s special here?

Making you feel better

Wearing something that totally suits you makes you feel self-assured, super confident and powerful. The scientists say this, we help you achieve it. No matter what your size is, you will find an outfit to uplift your mood. We make outfits that are totally YOU. #yoursize #yourstyle

Making fit better

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t seen this kind of a label on garments you buy? Here’s why you haven’t- Because it doesn’t exist till date.
LDU has come up with Proprietary India’s first size chart, because SIZE MATTERS. It is based on the data collected of over 3000+ Indian population. You can now say bye-bye to longer than legs pants, smaller biceps and tighter hips!
Too good to be true? TRY IT OUT to find out yourself.

Making lives better

Sad part: Garment workers in India suffer due to inconsistent demand and low wages.
Good part: We provide a consistent stream of work to all our partners (see- we don’t call them workers). We empower the large Darzi community by bringing them the demand which is otherwise not accessible to them. These are the humans behind clothes that make you feel good. We ought to make them feel good too, right?

Making environment better

65% outfits ending up in incinerators in first year. Sorry that sounds harsh. But then that is the nature of the truth right? We only make clothes with a mission to make you happy and mother earth happier.
We say NO to MASS PRODUCTION, and make clothes that are only meant to be worn. Every piece here is stitched only when you order.  Care to support us?


Aww...don’t worry! Choose the “Custom size” option and one of our fit consultants will call you to help you with the same. Still not sure? Reach out to us at 9315335110, and our customer success team would be happy to help! Solves for a lot right?

Chances of this happening is rare because our products are created on the basis of our proprietary Indian Size Chart which is meant for the Indian audience. In case it still doesn’t fit you, we will be happy to exchange it within 10 days of delivery. After all, we want your happiness above everything! Deal?

We promise the product shall be same as that you see above. In a rare case where u don’t like it, you can exchange the product with a new one on the website or choose to return it within 10 days. No strings attached! 100% money back guarantee!

Oh, our customers say, “It’s worth it!” It is so because the products are premium, and are made only for you, when you order. Fashion shouldn't come at the cost of environment right? Lets say NO to mass production!

We provide free shipping across the globe on all orders! Isn’t that fantastic? No more hidden charges!

We offer free returns and exchange. Why shouldn't we? You deserve the outfit you ordered and we pledge to give it to you, the way you want!

Of course, why not? We would love going the extra mile for you! Want a special note to be added in your order or early delivery? Hit us up on 9315335110. We have a dedicated team to take care of all your queries. Anything for you dear!

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