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How to take care of your t-shirts!

We all have t shirts in our closets, right? Different colors, designs etc. and usually they are treated with very less regard, and thrown inside the cupboard. That’s the sad reality about t-shirt, used the most and treated the worst. Today we are here to talk about how to take care of t-shirts so that they last you long and you are able to repeat them more often.

Step 1 Wash Less

Wash your tees less often as it will cause the cloth to wither out more quickly. It will also make it fade and lose its strength. If the tee has a design or a logo in the front or back, that will also start to peel off (if it's printed), or the threads will come out (if it’s stitched) 

Step 2 Wash inside out!

Always remember that you need to wash your tees inside out. Most of the times, tees have some sort of design or printing in the front of back of the tee. And the best way to preserve these designs is to turn it inside out and wash it. This was your tees will last you really long.

Step 3 Storage!

You should store your tees properly and correctly. Don’t hang your tees for too long, as ideally tees should be folded and kept flat on the surface. But if you have less storage space and really have to use hangers for your tees, you should always use wide shoulder hangers so that the weight of the tee is evenly distributed and they don’t sag under their own weight. 


Make a habit of reading your labels, they are not there just to hang out of your tee at weird angles, there are washing and storage instructions that will be according to the fabric used in the tee and will be very useful during cleaning etc.

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