Mission and People

The LDU Preamble

We at LDU pledge to dress you up in your size & your style, effortlessly.

We at LDU pledge to help you to be #bemoreofyou, by making clothes that speak your personality.

A power house of designs

We add 100s of new designs daily so that you are always at the fore front of the fashion game. No matter what, you will always find an outfit that will uplift your mood. Promise!
PS: Want a free design consultation? Email us at care@letsdressup.in

Say NO to mass production

Imagine huge swathes of clothing going up in smoke every year. This may sound crazy but it is now becoming a common practice to get rid of unsold inventory.
But We care. For you and for mother earth. We make outfits that are to be worn only. All outfits that you order are made especially for you. This way we have no excess products to feed the incinerators.

Hi from the founders

The couple was tired of returning/exchanging clothes they brought . The lack of designs that spoke to their personality added to the misery. That’s when Drishti and Aditya started LetsDressUp in 2019 with a mission to revolutionize the global fashion industry. While Drishti is a fashion enthusiast ( if you follow us on Instagram, you know her already ) Aditya is an ISB alum, who comes with 9+ years of experience of building multi billion dollar brands. Together they are bringing up LDU, with utmost care and affection.

India’s First Size Chart

LDU is the first one to launch a size chart based on actual measurements of 2000+ Indians men and women. Which means the probability of the outfit fitting you in the first attempt goes up as high as 98%. If you didn’t know, there was no size IND before the LDU Indian Size Chart.

The team behind FASHION 2.0

We are a group of highly motivated people super busy in revolutionizing the fashion world!
“Each of us found our own reason to stay and work at LDU for that one cause – changing the way the world dresses up ” says Prachi, the Design Lead.
We are a tightly knit group, which loves to make reels at the end of the day and says no to office politics!

P.S: We don’t miss gobbling together either (thought you should know that about us!)

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Email - care@letsdressup.in

WhatsApp/Call - +91-9310689354

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