Your guide to become a professional closet whisperer

Your guide to become a professional closet whisperer

Have you ever thought about how you organize your closet? Or do you just have a pattern that you follow blindly? This is one of the most monetized ways in the fashion industry. People pay insane amount of money to get their closets set and placed in a pattern. Do you want to be a professional closet setter too? Stick with us girly, we'll take care of you!

5 Ways to start setting your closet!


1)  Purge it girl!

Purge all the things that you don’t require and don’t wear. We know its very difficult to do that but you have too. If you don’t do this step, you’ll not be able to make room for the new clothes that you are about to buy, and mummy bhi mana kar dengi. So for the sake of some retail therapy, start with a purge.


2)  Add shelves to you closet

Add a lot of shelves to your closet. This gives you more space and also gives you the freedom to decide what goes where, rather than stuffing it all in two or three shelves. It will also let you use your creativity and let you make zones for occasions or utility etc. You can have a shelf for dresses, one for your shorts or tees, one for your bras and panties etc. This is so important because it makes it very easy for you grab things on the go! 

You think dress, you think shelf 1, you think jeans its shelf 3. Easy peasy, right?

3)  Walls are good storage!

Use walls to store smaller things, use them to make yourself a shoe rack or jewellery storage. Ladies here is the golden rule “don’t use your closet to store everything”. Build storage all around it to store things other than your clothes. Shoes take a lot of space and they need their own thrones.


4)  Learn to hang and fold

This is probably the most important step ever. Hang the clothes you think you need, like, sweaters, coats, a few pants. But folding is your friend. Fold your clothes and stack them well so that they don’t fall. 

P.s. You can colour scheme the hell out of it as well. Make a rainbow and make the nosy aunties who see your closet jealous.

5)  Trash can alert!

You show always have a small trash can next to your closet for those small tags, labels or stray thread that you need to take off of your clothes. There are so many things that come out of that closet that needs to be thrown, perhaps it’s a wrapping paper that you need to throw after your boyfriend suddenly realized you are a princess and bought you a new dress (P.s if you make your boyfriends read this, they might get the hint!)


These are all the tips and tricks you need to keep in mind while you build and make your closet. After this, girl I am sure you have made into a professional storage manager and a closet stylist. Hurry up and go to your closet, and fix it asap. MUMMA WILL BE SO PROUD, do give us credit when she praises you.


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