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4 Ways to Style a T-Shirt!

A t-shirt is the most versatile item in our closet, and we have multiple numbers of them in almost every color, right?

It is our go-to for so many occasions and places, and we all have multiple ways in which we style it, but did you know that you can style just a single tee into a different outfit? Let’s have a look at a few shall we?


A long leg day means legs for days girl! Looking to add some height to your errand look? This look is perfect for that summer vibe that you are aiming for. You can pair the entire look with chunky heels and a bow in your hair, and you are ready to go. This look is super cute and will make you look longer because it cuts your body into 2 parts with a longer lower segment. You can use a pair of boyfriend jeans to make it a more angular look.  The perfect casual day out.

2. Layer it up!

Layer it up under a dungaree to give it a totally cool and boho look! You can pair it with a chunky sneaker matching the color of your tee and you are good to go for that summer look. 

This look is going to give a very well put together look, giving it a well thought out look. It is the IT look, and also has very Texas vibes. It is perfect for an outing with your friends. This will also make you look very effortless and calm.

3. Dress tee

A tee under a dress will give you that perfect boho Pinterest vibe which is perfect for the summers. This look is perfect for a day outing and will make you feel comfortable and flowy at the same time.  It will go very well with a pair of sandals and cute hats (optional). It’s very cute as an ensemble and will make you a crown puller. This look is the perfect way to say you dress to the nines.

4. Twirl Girl!

A tee paired with a skirt will give the perfect boho vibe. It's going to make you look like the cutest girl out there. This look is bound to make you look tall, and gives a chance for you to show off that summer tan! You are bound to make headlines with this look and it's perfect for a summer outing on a brunch or anywhere else. A cute printed long skirt will also provide a very flowy vibe to the entire look.  This look is also perfect for a date out with your partner and will make you look very chic.

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