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5 Must Have Winter Wear for Women

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe for 2022? You’ve stumbled across the right guide then. It’s very crucial to have a stacked winter wardrobe just like the one you see in Bollywood stars' airport go-to look and there are some essentials on which you should not miss on. Especially if your goal is to stay fashionable throughout the year. We have compiled for you, a list of 5 must have winter wear for women. So ladies, it’s time you start taking notes.

  • Hoodie

  • You probably saw this one coming, didn’t you? Hoodies are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe. It’s an athleisure clothing, to say the least. And there are several places now where you can find hoodies for women at great prices. But it’s not always right to go by the price when shopping for hoodies. We recommend that you spend a few bucks on your winter wear clothing, because that fabric quality is the only thing that’s going to come to your rescue in those harsh winter breezes, not your novel Bollywood hero. 

    Kareena Kapoor was spotted sporting her quirky red hoodie. Smart and sexy for a reason.

    Hoodies for women have evolved a lot in the past few years. Now, there are solid hoodies, graphic hoodies, zipper hoodies and even crop hoodies. It has become increasingly easier for women to find their right kind of hoodie. Although, we recommend going for graphic hoodies, because they are cool, quirky and trendy. Everything that you look for in apparel.

    In case you are looking to go tomato like Kareena in the pic above, go grab a red hoodie

  • Jackets

  • Winter by far is one of the only season where no matter how many layers you wear it’s not enough. But one outfit that remains universal and our ‘Jeene ka Sahara’ is Jacket. Leather, Velvet, Denim, and many more. From those lazy late mornings to important conference meetings a jacket is a universal outfit one can pull off with any type of clothing. Which is why it’s really important for you to have one jacket of each of these categories stacked in your wardrobe for every occasion. 

    Sonam Kapoor is always found sporting trendy and fashionable clothing; just see how stunning she looks in this denim jacket.

  • Jumpsuit

  • Jumpsuits have been around longer than you know, we have seen them in our Bollywood movies and there’s a reason for them sticking around this long, it’s because it’s an outfit that can never go out of fashion. With thousands of designs in different fabrics, patterns and fit, jumpsuits are as versatile as it can get. Which is why, it is important for all the fashionable ladies out there to upgrade their wardrobe with the new trendy jumpsuits. They are comfortable, they are trendy, and if you get the ones made out of velvet, then they are warm too.

    Anushka Sharma never fails to dress stylish, and jumpsuits are her go-to attire.

  • Co-ord Set

  • It was a popular belief back in the days that fashion cannot be both comfortable and stylish. If you wanna be stylish, you gotta compromise on comfort. But, with emerging fashion trends, we have seen that people are increasingly prioritizing comfort over style and for all the right reasons too. But, co-ords, a combination of comfortable upper and lower, are the new trend now. And they are the perfect amalgam of style and comfort. In a Co-ord the upper is a sweatshirt, and the lower is a jogger of similar pattern and colour. They are very comfortable and stylish. There are several types of co-ords available ranging from solid colour co-ords to quirky graphic co-ords.

    Look at Deepika’s simple yet classic co-ord set. Queen of the Bollywood for a reason.

  • Velvet Dresses

  • While it becomes difficult in winter to wear most dresses because of the freezing temperatures, that's exactly when velvet dresses come to your rescue. They are made out of velvet, which keeps you warm and comfortable, and because of its rich and classy look, you’ll also look elegant in them. Which is why velvet dress features on our 5 must have winter wear for women list. You can wear them to all kinds of events from office parties to informal gatherings. Their solid colour shades and killer looks will make you the center of attraction in no time.

    Look at all Sridevi wearing this velvet dress, still doubt our fashion advice??

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