5 most common summer problems and their solutions!

5 most common summer problems and their solutions!

When you look at a woman’s clothing style in summers, there are several problems that we face on a daily basis. Right?
C'mon lets solve these problems together

1. Flash! Oops!

We all have tiny sun dresses in our closets. These dresses are the cutest thing you own, but still wear it very rarely, because of that accidental knicker flash? We have all been there.

Pro tip:  
Whenever you feel like wearing such dresses, wear a longer inner-wear or biker shorts, to prevent such mishaps from happening.

2. Zip Burns?

I know all the ladies just internally cringed! Metal zippers and a hot sun, this combination is deadly. You those dresses that have close with a zipper, ya, very dangerous to wear them in the sun. 

Pro tip: 
Wear a very light slip or a sheer slip, that provides a layer between the burning hot zipper and your soft skin. No more burns for you!

3. Deo marks

This is such a common mistake that people make, they spray deo on their clothing. They will stain and ruin whatever you are wearing.

Pro tip:
Always spray deo on your skin and then perfumes on your clothes and pulse points.

4. Chafing

Girls, I know you feel this problem very hard. Thic thighs don’t lie, but thic thighs hurt as well. In summers your skin is sweaty and when it rubs against each other, it causes a burn like sore.

Pro tip:
I suggest wear cycle shorts or biker shorts to prevent this painful experience.

5. Tan lines

OMG these are the worst. How many times have I skipped wearing a dress because of tan lines I’ll never know.

Pro tip:
Always wear sun screen and protect yourself from direct sun.

I hope the pro tips will help you this summer and trust me you'll SLAYY!

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