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5 Unique Valentines Gift Ideas for Her

Rummaging through the web looking for that one perfect gift you want to give to your special someone? We’ve got you covered, with these gifts, you’ll be able to express your love towards her without even saying a word. So what are you waiting for? Go through this article and find the perfect gift for your girl.

  • A Personalized Collage/Photo Frame

There’s nothing better than a personalized gift for your loved ones, this one doesn’t require much, just your time and effort. Find meaningful photos of your first date, their birthday, your birthday, the time that you surprised her, the time that she baked that cake for you. The next part is a little tricky, but I think you got it, after all it’s all worth it for love. After finalizing the pictures, make a collage and get it framed, if you are not that techno friendly person, ask your friends for help, or if not then go to a cyber cafe and get a professional to do it for you. After the collage is made, get it printed and then finally get it framed. And voila!! There’s your perfect valentine gift ready for your special lady.

Pro Tip: Top this up with a box of chocolates, some roses and a bottle of perfume. Trust me, she’ll love you even more after this.

  • A Valentines Special Hoodie

Call it cliched or call it cringy, couples who gift each other clothes are just cute. And trust us, valentine hoodies are the perfect way to tell your girl how much you love her. There are several options to choose from, which is the best part about it. If she’s into sarcasm and loves quirky stuff, you can opt for quirky hoodies, then there are some super cute hoodies, which according to me, makes for the perfect valentine's day gift. But do remember to get it gift wrapped before giving it to her.

Pro Tip: Get one for yourself too and twin up, flaunt the cute and cuddly bond you share with her to the world.

  • Spotify Plaque

Songs put meaning to everything, and there are some songs that are special for every couple, songs that you hear on your long drives, songs you hear when you miss them, songs that you both can vibe to. And with a Spotify plaque you can embody that emotion for eternity. All you have to do is find one such song that is meaningful to both of you, or a song which is special to you both, or a song that you both love. Then the next step is choosing a picture to go with it. Finally you can place your order for a customized spotify plaque online or do it yourself after watching a few DIY tutorials. We have also attached a picture of how a Spotify Plaque looks for your reference.

Pro Tip- Choose a picture of you both clicked on a special occasion.

  • Write a Letter

Trust me, it sounds weird at first, but works like magic. There’s nothing quite like going old-school with your love. Write them a 2 page long letter, write about your feelings, how things started out for you, what you love about them, things that you’re sorry for, things that you’ve learnt from them. Once you’ll get writing, you’ll know that there’s no better way of expressing your love. To make it even more interesting you can even include some photographs. Get two photos printed for each page, and paste them on the letter. And there you go, all set for Valentine’s.

Pro Tip- Instead of handing them the letter yourself, you can actually make it more interesting by going to the nearest post office, and actually send it by post. You can also send some accessories along with the letter, like earrings, or a nose ring or a bracelet.

  • Clothes

I don’t know what better way to put it, but girls love clothes, and if you can manage to find something that excites them, then you have made their valentine’s worth it. Although, we have some suggestions for you: Velvet Jackets, Hoodies, Jumpsuits, co-ord sets, all of these make for a good gift for valentine’s.

Pro Tip- Get it gift wrapped, and include a personal note.

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