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5 Unique ways to dress up for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated world-wide as the day of love, romance and all things beautiful. But did you know this was originally a feast for Saint Valentine, one of the early Christian martyrs who died for the testimony of Jesus. Coming back to the 21st century! We have made full utilization of what it is to celebrate valentine’s day. We have given it a week-long celebration and we are not ashamed of it. It’s love after all.

Do you also have a date this valentine? The worst part about going on a date is the “getting ready” part. It can get very tricky and irritating but we at LDU are here to ease your pain! We have curated a few looks that will help you decide what type of outfit you should go for.

“Always remember, if you can’t love yourself, on one will be able to as well.”


Everyone knows that sometimes you just don’t want to dress up, and still have an amazing outfit in which you are super comfortable. For these occasions we have the perfect outfit planned. The co-ords are the best way to go here. Wear a co-ord and layer it with your favorite coat and sneakers, and you are ready to leave. Or you can avoid sneakers by staying at home. A warm cozy date sounds too perfect. This outfit will give you that cool casual yet chic vibe that you want to aim for your date. It’s a low effort, high fashion vibe and we approve of it thoroughly. P.s the benefit is that this outfit is sustainable and can be worn on various occasions. Not everything needs to burn the pocket.



The night out date is the fancy one. You would want to put in some effort for this date and look ultra-nice with your boo. The chic level will be max and the Hot level will be through the roof. This outfit involves a fancy warm dress with heeled boots to go with it. Heels are a must and that eyeliner should be able to kill. Sorry if the top description felt like a mission command, but it is no less than an undercover mission anyways. We have to cover our lazy asses and get dressed up.  This is going to make you look so well put together and you will also learn an important lesson, “Fashion beyond Comfort!”  A lean dress like this will make for a smaller frame, hugging you at the right angle to make a very flattering look on you.

P.s.  All these outfits are great and they all depend on personal preference or the type of date you are having, all shapes and sizes are beautiful and these outfits can be worn on a date with yourself as well!

Moving on!


The brunch dates are the cutest and is the perfect for the chilly day of valentine. Imagine sitting in the sun having a mimosa with your bae and laughing it out like there is no tomorrow. The best way to dress up for dates like these are simple, semi-formal yet comfortable. Imagine being at a fancy lunch but comfort is given priority. Wear a jumpsuit and keep your sunglasses handy. We think this is the cutest thing ever and it looks sooo pinterest worthy! OMG! Also, the go to comfort look will give you a charm, that is both cute and confident.


Movie dates are so sweet and are perfect for your 1st or 2nd date where you do want to hang out but don’t have much to talk about, or if you are just fans of the movies! The best outfits for such dates are the ones which are comfy and yet cute. A nice pair of jeans and a cute sweatshirt are the best, yet carry a stole in your bag, movie halls get chilly. This outfit on the whole will give a very confident yet relaxed vibe, which will also mean that you will be confident enough to carry this outfit.


You should be your 1st love and no one should be able to pull you down! “Remember, someone is waiting for you to fail” don’t let them get the satisfaction of watching you hurt. Even if you don’t have a date on V-day, you can put on a sexy outfit and let loose in a club on your own. You don’t need someone else to show you a good time. You are a queen and no one can tell you otherwise! A black dress is a club staple, but if it's a romper like this, it will make life very easy. No need to think about malfunctions with this one. Considering the cinched waist, it’s an amazing look.

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