Dressing up makes "MEN" happy too!

Dressing up makes "MEN" happy too!

I work with a set of crazy people who are definitely driven by passion to be better each day but not to forget, also voguish each day! 
Meet them down here
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Sexy launda

SUHAIL. Period. Oh yes he is an influencer, runner up at the Mr. North India pageant a couple of years back and has a heart of gold. He can definitely sell this pair of super sexy ray ban glasses to at least 90% of his 10k+ followers on Instagram (most of them women you know😎)
BTW, the owner of this pair is the lead designer Prachi. Yes they are actually meant for women, but hawa ka rutba hi kuch alag h aajkal!

Nonetheless a good pair to own! What say?

Pehchana Kaun?

arre.....he's the same sexy launda! YES! He gave all the girls at LDU a heart attack one fine day when he walked into office with straight soft silky smooooooothened hair 👀.
Yes, you heard that right darling. Yes, even I haven’t tried too. But this guy is surely giving me FOMO!
And it's not just you and me, there are others too!
BTW he's the guy sending beautiful outfits to your home! safely!
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Mahila in FOMO

Prachi dashed into the salon at 7:59pm on the same day and chopped her hair half. Forgetting that her dad will stop talking to her at 8:59 pm when she reaches home. (he doesn't like short hair btw)  But who cares? Papa to maan jaayenge! 
But hair, they don't listen to me ever. So lets smoooothen it!
Oh yes she's the same woman behind the coolest kaftans in town.
Haven't you checked them out?

Sharmila bhagoda!

That's Ashok.
No No
That's "The Ashok" and "His Fantasy"
He stole a pair of bowy slippers ( from Prachi again ) & started walking around in the office!
eewww...did not even care to remove those smelly socks (didn’t actually go near, but men will be men na)

Cofounder, LDU

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