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Being a plus-size woman in India!

There was a time when a plus-size woman was worshiped across the world. It was considered a sign of good health, fertility, and beauty. Then came the modern world changes, where being plus size was considered unhealthy and frankly saying “weird”.

Being in India, I have seen multiple women struggle with their size and be uncomfortable In their bodies. This issue started when models all across the world were being chosen based on size. A size 0 was considered perfect, and anything above that was considered “fat”. Several cases of anorexia and bulimia were starting to come into the light. And women in India were being subjected to the same treatment. Statements like, “Moti hai, Shaadi nai hogi” “ladka nahi milega, vazan Kam kar lo” are the reason why so many women have an issue with their bodies. 

Today, let’s make sure that you and your bodies are made to feel comfortable and accepted!

“CHANNEL YOUR INNER ASHLEY GRAHAM, she made the world understand that plus-size is beautiful too”

Repeat these affirmations daily and tell the world that you are so worth it!

“I am a beautiful woman!”
“I love my body!”
“I will treat my body as the shrine that it’s meant to be!”
“And I will never let somebody else tell me what to wear and not wear!”

The only styling tip that LDU wanted to give today is to wear whatever makes you comfortable and whatever makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Today #BeMoreOfYou and take a minute to tell yourself that you are a queen, and you are so worth everything that life has to offer! Dress up like you are a born fashionista!

An Indian body deserves styling the Indian way, and American or European sizes are not going to cut it! Today we are giving you an Indian body-based size chart that is going to help you make better choices and give you the fit that you like. 

P.s You can talk to us! Let us know your story, and we will make sure that the world knows what a strong individual you are!

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