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How to style a sweatshirt in different ways

A sweatshirt is probably the most the most versatile piece of clothing in our wardrobe, and also the least utilized. They literally are your best friend if you want to leave in a hurry and don’t have an outfit pre-planned and also the fact that there are so many options that you can have, just by styling that one plain old sweat.  For an average human, you will at least have 4-5 sweatshirts in your closet, and if you are Kim Kardashian, probably 200 is a safe bet.

There are multiple ways to style your sweatshirts, and you can have a new outfit every day. A small tip before we dive into the ways is to always have neutral colors in your closet so that, one piece will go with a lot of outfits. (Neutral colors are white, beige, black, off-white etc.)

So, Let’s get started….

  • Sweatshirt Says yes to skirts!

We asked our old trustee sweatshirt, “will you yes to Skirt?” She said yes!!! This is one of the cutest combinations ever, and we are going gaga over it. Pair them with knee high boots or heels with a statement bag and you are good to go. This is perfect if you have an impromptu Dates or outings etc.

Just wear a sweatshirt (any neutral color would work) and put on a shirt, either you can tuck it in or leave it outside. The tucked in shirt will give you a more put together look, and the sweatshirt out will give you a more boho or casual look. These looks can also be in mono chromo or contrast as well. Both equally pretty, but right now the trend is more towards mono chromos and pastels and neutrals.



  • Sweatshirt has a “boyfriend” (jeans)

This is a very casual outfit, perfect for a run to the mart or a quick coffee. Just putting your hair in a bun with it or letting loose, both will look fab with this combination. Some say it’s a mom’s ensemble but teenage girls rock it equally well.  Just pick out your favorite sweatshirt and your trustee pair of jeans with it and let the sweatshirt hang out. Another thing that you can do is, wear a shirt under your sweat and fold the cuffs and collars over the sweatshirt giving it the typical nerd pintrest vibe.



  • Co-ord Sets or the perfect airport look?

when you look at celebs coming out of the airport in those perfect well-matched outfits, do you also think that that style is unattainable? I thought so too. Those looks are so well put, with that perfect blown-out hairstyle, they don’t look like they have just landed from a 12hr flight. Anyhow, this is the trend now, and trust me, as the local celebrity of my house I can tell you that its worth the hype. Co-ords are comfy and chic and they are the perfect of looking fab even when you don’t have the energy to put together a whole outfit, just to step out of the house.


  • Sweatshirts are ready for a layer of that sexy overcoat that you have in the back of your closet!!

Congratulations!!!!! The sweatshirts have agreed to a layer of coats this winter, and trust me they are smart to accept. Remember that long lost coat that you found at the back of your closet while taking out your winter clothes? This year put it to good use by using it as a throw-on with your sweats. This look has been so much in trend right now and can also be called a typical New York Outfit. Select a black or white long coat and use a neutral-colored sweatshirt underneath it. Pair it with fitted jeans and boots and you are ready to take on the city. This is such a dope way of using that coat that you haven’t worn in a while. And if Gigi Hadid approved it, you better obey the queen herself.

  • Sweatshirt and dungarees have entered the room!

HOLD UP! Look at what I just heard. Dungaree and sweatshirt just decided to walk in together and its perfect. This combination may not be that popular but if worth a mention. This looks very boho and casual and will definitely make you look like you just got off a ranch in New Jersey looking like the beautiful human that you are. I would suggest taking a denim dungaree and a dark or neutral sweatshirt to go with it. A small tip, don’t go for an oversized sweatshirt, but rather a fitted one for this look. Trust me it will elevate the entire outfit to another level. Wear your regular canvas or heavy bottom sport shoes and you are ready to run errands in style.

This style is going to keep you warm because of the layering but also very very chic.


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