How to take care of your active wear?

How to take care of your active wear?

Do you have a pair of clothing that you love to wear to the gym? How often do you wash them: After every single sweat session? Every couple of trips to the gym? Or once a week? (just kidding, we know you don’t do this)

Sweating through the workout is great, but we don’t want smelly clothes the next day. Even though there’s no hard-and-fast rule everyone should stick to when it comes to washing activewear. There are some lesser-known tips from cleaning pros that can help your workout clothes last longer than a HIIT class.

  1. Salt, yes Namak is the key
    Try adding a teaspoon of salt when washing your gym wear for the first time and see the magic. The color will stay vibrant for a longer period of time. Thank us later!
  1. Smell Check!
    Not every time wash is the answer. Light activities such as Yoga do not require you to wash your clothes immediately since they do not leave you as drenched as a HIIT session. Just let them breath and the sweat will be evaporated.
  1. I like it cold
    This is not us, but your active wear speaking. Hot water kills germs…and your active wear too! Well, sad right? Always stick to cool temperatures (40°C and below) to keep your favorites in a great shape.
  1. Lay Leggings flat
    Leggings or any clothing where elasticity is a must, should be dried flat, not hung. The weight of water when hung, leaves your garment to hand down and sag. 
  1. Dry your active wear, naturally
    Too much heat can negatively affect the properties of these pieces and hence avoid hot tumble drying. Save your money and let nature dry them instead. When air-drying, also keep your activewear away from direct sunlight to avoid damaging the fibers.

These little tips can go a long way in saving your favorite clothing and money, of course. How many of these did you already know? Bet we did contribute a little to your knowledge.

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