Ways to Style a Kaftan!

Ways to Style a Kaftan!

Kaftans have been a stunning introduction to the world of fashion coming from the Middle East. Since the time they’ve been a part of fashion, it never appeared that they went out of style.

Kaftans have a very revolutionary history as they have evolved in terms of the fabrics that have been used in their making. The fabrics undoubtedly play a role in how we fashion our kaftans depending on where we are wearing them or the occasions we have to attend.

Here are some ways in which one can style a kaftan and make it look more creative:

COSY LOOK: One can always style the cozy over-flown dress with a kaftan that’s embroidered with different floral prints in order to romanticise the look completely.

CASUAL LOOK: When it’s a casual occasion or day, a kaftan can be worn with a belt over it or with a pair of straight pants/shorts as per your comfort in order to keep it super simple and effortless.

EVENING LOOK: A sheered kaftan can always work when styled with a skin-fit piece with colour blocks on it. Adding some subtle pumps and accessories would make it look so elegant.

BEACH OUTFIT: A linen-cotton Kaftan can always be styled with a pair of linen or denim shorts when getting ready for a sunny beach day. Pastel colours would look very fine when getting ready for a day out.

GLAM EVENTS: Paired with shimmery heels and a light piece of jewellery, a kaftan can be styled for an evening event with a casual hairstyle and cocktail make-up. A Sild fabricated Kaftan would go best for an occasion like that.

BOLD STATEMENT: A bold colour and fabric would make a strong fashion statement. Styling a Kaftan with a metallic bold colour combination with a scarf around it can be very strong fashion when paired with dark pumps and heavy metallic make-up for any event that’s acknowledging fashion.

From luxurious to the basics, Kaftan fulfils all the criteria and makes it so much easier for one to create a fashion statement as it is budget-friendly too. The versatility in materials makes it much more accessible to everyone who wants to try it out and define it in their very own unique way.

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