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What's better for your body type

There are approximately 3,905 million women in the entire world and the fashion industry had the audacity to classify them into a “S” “M” and “L” category. Imagine not fitting into one of these categories. I am sure, when you think about it not even a handful would fit into the exact measurements of these 3 categories.
When you start styling clothes you need to understand that there are different types of body structures and all of them require different styles that will look flattering on them. One size fits all is actually bullshit.

Let’s go through some body types to figure out how we can style them later

  • Pear-shaped

If you have broad hips that are wider than you shoulder, it’s called a pear shape. If you look at it closely it also forms a triangle, hence it is also called Triangle body type.


  • Hour glass shaped

When your hips and shoulders and of a balanced width and your waist is defined, it’s called an hourglass shape, getting its name from the hourglass.

  • Rectangle-shaped

When your body measurements are balanced through and through and you have a straight build, you have a rectangle shape.   


There are many more body types and there are multiple ways of styling them but we will be looking the above shapes and how to style them.

  • Pear-shaped body styling -

When doing so, remember to play on the areas you want to highlight. Since you know from above that in a pear-shaped body your hips are wider than your shoulders, so you’d want highlight your shoulders. This will give you a very flattering look and make you look well put together. This will also downplay you’re your hips making you look very balanced.

  • Hourglass Shaped Styling -

If you have an hourglass figure, you have a defined waist and your shoulders and hips have a same width. This means you can wear clothes that will draw eyes along your curves making them cinched and snatched. This will give you a look that will give the illusion of a tiny waist and it can be achieved with belts or A-lined clothing as well.

Long coats that have belts will also look good with this type body.

  • Rectangle Shaped styling-

You have a very balanced structure with same width all across you body. This gives your structure a line. You should wear clothes that lend curves to your body, making it snatched at places you want. High waist jeans with crop hoodies will give an illusion of a waist and then break at the wait with jeans to give that slight curve.

I hope these tips will help your winter look more stylish and beautiful.

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