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Why You Should Always Wear What You Love

What you wear is a choice that is only and solely yours to make. 

Major fashion decisions were influenced by fashion trends back in the day, but things have started changing recently and it’s only for the better. People have realised that what you wear reflects who you are. It's time that we realize that dressing up is an emotion, it’s an exercise that makes you feel healthy. It’s an expression of freedom and to take that away is like to take away your freedom. Let us show you how

Science has proven that when you dress up according to your taste, you automatically feel better about yourself and chances of you having a good day increases tenfold. Which is exactly why dressing up is healthy and it shouldn’t be influenced by what others are wearing or what the fashion industry suggests you to wear. You should always go for clothing that you and only you want to wear. 

Dressing up is an emotion of love, of self-love, which is another reason why you should never wear clothes influenced by others. It's high time you  shower yourself with clothes and apparel that you’ve always wanted but never wore because of society's misconception about fashion. It's time to ditch the stereotype and make some love with yourself!

Freedom to dress is equally if not more important than freedom of expression. And in broader terms, both of these tend to overlap. So in order to be truly free you need to make sure that you take all your styling decisions yourself, without the influence of others, because only then you’ll be truly expressing yourself.

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